This site offers resources both for appreciating Beowulf as a masterwork of dramatic poetry and for exploring the fascinating world of Anglo-Saxon culture and literature.  

Beowulf: A Dramatic Translation
For nearly two centuries, Beowulf has been misread as a tale celebrating the bold deeds of heroes gone by. It is instead a darkly prophetic work that speaks to the indwelling core of Western culture. This full-length translation presents the poem as a masterpiece of oral narrative, a richly textured dramatic poetry layered with wordplay, cliffhangers, inflectional shifts, and thematic repetition.
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The Bones of Beowulf:
An Interlinear Translation

Those who want to explore the poem in its original language will find an ideal resource in The Bones of Beowulf.

See Beowulf: An Interlinear Translation .

Performances of Beowulf
A range of performances and lectures on Beowulf are available for school, community, and university audiences.
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Historical Resources
Explore the fascinating worlds of the Anglo-Saxons and of Europe in the early Middle Ages.
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Literary Resources
Read other literary works related to the poem and to the cultures of the Anglo-Saxons.
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Teaching Resources
Find resources to enrich the Beowulf classroom at every level.
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Meet the Author
Chris Vinsonhaler brings the gifts of the bard to create a vivid and authoritative new approach to this ancient poem. Her work in performance and translation, hosted by universities, conferences, schools, and community groups, has been awarded a fellowship funded by the National Endowment for the Arts.
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