Beowulf: A Dramatic Translation
“Captures the tone and energy
of the original poem
while reflecting the intricacies
of current scholarly debate
about its content, meaning,
and mode of delivery.”

—Robert E. Bjork

Director, Arizona Center of
Medieval & Renaissance Studies
President, International Society
of Anglo-Saxon Scholars

author, A Beowulf Handbook

Chris Vinsonhaler reclaims for us
a Beowulf that is nuanced
and highly ironic,
a carefully controlled story
of power, greed,
and the monstrous qualities
of heroes themselves."

— Loren Graham
Poet-in-Residence, Carroll College
Author, Mose


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from Essays:
The Introduction
Alfred the Great and Beowulf
Who is Beowulf?

from Beowulf:
The Geats approach Heorot
Grendel approaches Heorot
The Last Survivor's lament
Beowulf's funeral
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Beowulf is not only a literary masterpiece. This dazzling work of Anglo-Saxon pop culture, centering on the deeds of a Dark Ages super-hero, may well be the world's first
murder mystery.
Beowulf rocks!

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