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The Vikings
he inhabitants of Beowulf

The Anglo-Saxons
the culture of the Beowulf poet

The World of the Vikings

A Viking Funeral
Ibn Fadlan's unexpurgated account of a Viking funeral provides a fascinating contrast with the funerals described in Beowulf.
See Viking Funeral.

The illustrations used in Beowulf: A Dramatic Translation were inspired by Medieval artifacts and by the artifacts featured in a fine Medieval crafts store: The Jelling Dragon.
See Illustrations

Alfred the Great
This site provides a good overview of Alfred and his reign with links to other sites.
See Alfred the Great.

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
This site provides access to an abridged translation of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, which includes a history of Alfred's reign and his conflict with Guthrum.
See Alfred in The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle.

For the full text years 715-919.
see The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle.

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